Our focus areas

The Bible’s message for children

One of our main initiatives is Christian content for children. BCC Media wants to contribute good material for Christian parents and local Sunday schools to conduct a captivating and engaging faith education for children. We want to share this material so that all children in the world can have the opportunity to see and hear the gospel.

In recent years, BCC Media has used many new tools and new technology to make productions as varied and inspiring as possible.

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A groundbreaking new video game

Bible X is in the process of producing a unique video game, Gate Zero, with the timeframe set at the fascinating time of Jesus’ life. The game, which is based in Jerusalem, will be an immersive and innovative way to both discover and learn about the history of the Bible and its revolutionary message.

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Website for evangelism

BCC Media collaborates with BCC to spread the gospel to all who have a longing to be a disciple of Jesus. BCC Media has its own channels for evangelism, and will continue with these. But in the future, the collaboration with BCC’s evangelism foundation will set the tone. BCC Media is therefore absolutely central to BCC’s evangelism efforts.

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E-mail: info@bcc.media
Tel.: +47 24 07 78 80
Org. no.: 925 564 257

Vålerveien 159
1599 MOSS

E-post: info@bcc.media
Tlf.: 24 07 78 80
Org.nr. 925 564 257